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Falcon Laboratory’s Chemical analysis can be used to understand a product’s composition, identify a potential contaminant or discover the source of product failure. Falcon Laboratory applies analytical chemistry studies to companies seeking scientific answers to difficult questions.

Falcon Laboratory LLC analytical testing services are at the core of our scientific R&D solutions. With years of Experience we have been solving difficult industrial and commercial issues through analytical chemistry, providing chemical analysis and testing services for companies seeking answers to difficult problems.

Falcon Lab ia leading chemical analysis companies in fujairah. We have a broad range of analytical capabilities to meet the needs of the specialty chemical producers such as agricultural or textile chemicals, industrial gases, petrochemicals, plastics, polymers or carbon fibers.

Why would a company need to outsource chemical analysis services?

Here are some common analytical testing requests:

Our unique approach applies multiple methods of chemical analysis and state-of-the-art instrumentation to help clients understand a product’s chemistry. We can support research and development activities for your company or become your virtual R&D analytical chemistry laboratory.

Utilizing these techniques we can separate, identify and quantify chemical components of a material. More importantly, our expert scientists interpret and effectively communicate the resulting data for real solutions that make a difference to our client’s bottom line and business success.

Looking for a Chemical Testing Services for your Company?

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Falcon Laboratory is a subsidiary of Falcon Group of Companies, established in 2007. Falcon Laboratory is our new Venture of independent testing laboratory aiming towards full commitment in quality and providing the highest standard services in the building evolution of UAE. We have diversified our Business in the Field of Survey Engineering, Roads Contracting, Building Contracting, & Survey Equipment Trading and continuing in the path of success.


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