Falcon’s Construction Material Division offers Physical and mechanical analysis of wide range of materials used by the construction and its allied industry.The testings are carried out as per the International Standards and specifications as defined in BS, ASTM, BS EN, AASHTO, CIRIA, DIN, ISO etc. In certain cases, the tests can also be performed in accordance with the customer specified test methods or procedure.

The core services offered by the material Division includes testing of Soil, Aggregates & Rock, Concrete, Steel & Steel products, Asphalt, Cement, Water, Geosynthetics etc.

We also undertakes concrete investigation works using destructive and non destructive techniques to evaluate an existing concrete building, which will alert the consultant and engineers regarding any significant features that could compromise the structural performance.

Why test ?

Apart from the above mentioned, the laboratory is fully equipped to provide specialized services Viz. Continuous monitoring of the temperature for concrete, Pull Off and Pull Out Tests, Tile Testing, Epoxy Tests, Manhole load tests, Fresh Concrete tests etc.
Cement as a binder, a substance that sets and hardens independently, & can bind other material together such as steel, bricks, & many other likewise civil material.

Test for cement performed here are:
Aggregate is a term for any particulate material It includes gravel, crushed stone, sand, slag recycled concrete & geosynthetic aggregate. Aggregate make upto 60-80 % of concrete mix and provide compressive strength & bulk to concrete. Aggregate are divided into either ‘Coarse’ or ‘Fine’ depending up to size of particulates.

Tests on aggregate we provide are:
Steel is the leading construction material fo sustain ability, as it can be multi cycled endlessly with no detrimental effect on its properties. It does not warp, buckle, twist, or bend and is flexible & easy to install. Because of its increased quality & ease of maintenance steel is an attractive building material. Use of Steel in Civil has enormous advantages benefits Steel structures are significantly lighter than concrete equivalents, they require less extensive foundations, which reduce the environmental impact of the build. If steel pile foundations are used, these can be extracted and recycled or reused at the end of a building’s life, leaving no waste material on site. Steel is not only durable & economical but also proofs to avoid environmental harms.

Test necessary on Steel:
Concrete is a mix of cement, fine aggregate (sand), coarse aggregate (gravel or crushed stone), and water. Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world Important properties of concrete, governing design of a concrete mix, are strength, durability, workability, economy. So as to know the Strength of concrete, a part of concrete is been tested in the form of CUBES or BEAMS.

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Falcon Laboratory is a subsidiary of Falcon Group of Companies, established in 2007. Falcon Laboratory is our new Venture of independent testing laboratory aiming towards full commitment in quality and providing the highest standard services in the building evolution of UAE. We have diversified our Business in the Field of Survey Engineering, Roads Contracting, Building Contracting, & Survey Equipment Trading and continuing in the path of success.


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