News Letter (01)
Date: 31/12/2020
Dear Valued Customers,
On Behalf of Falcon Lab, we wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year!

With all your support and guidance, we managed to complete the year 2020 at the positive note. No doubt because of Pandemic Situation, it was hard and onerous even to maintain but due to unlimited support from our higher management, effective timely decisions, positive response from all of you, closed intact team work, we managed to make it a moderate successful year. Considering our customer as our key stakeholders, we have decided to share our key milestones and achievement which we have accomplished in year 2020.
As a result of our extensive inputs, we feel proud to announce our following achievements.
We hope our initiatives will be appreciated at your end and our business relationship will be strengthening furthermore stronger in 2021. In case if there is any testing related to construction industry where you want us to expand, please feel free to communicate with us.

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