Calibration Services

Falcon Laboratory specialize a full range of calibration services for your sophisticated measuring equipments. Whenever there is a need to do the technical inspection before handling the calibration job, we physically inspect the unit at site and assess the situation and provide them with our technical advice. FALCON reference equipments are accurately calibrated and tested as per the company's quality procedures based on manufacture's recommended practices & traceable to National/International Standards.


SURVEY EQUIPMENTSGPS/GNSS, Base Stations, Rover Stations, Controllers, Total Station, Theodolite, Robotic Total Stations, Reflectorless Total Station, 3D Laser Scanners, Dimension Control Euipments, Monitoring Total Stations, Automatic Level, Digital Level, Raning Rod, Level Staff, Tripods, Plumb Bob etc..

We do undertake all kind of Survey Equipments from Different Manufactures
Trimble GPS/GNSS Leica GPS/GNSSPentax Total StationSokkia Total StationTopcon Total StationTheodolitesNikon Total SolutionLeica Total Solution Automatic Level Survey Equipment Accessories


Electrical Equipments CalibrationMultimeters, Clamp meters, Analogue meter, Digital meter, Energy Meter single phase & 3 phase , Ductor, MOM, Meggers, Time Interval Meter, Winding Resistance Meter, Transformer Ratio Meters, Single phase relay test Kits, 3 phase relay test kit, Oil BDV, Power Quality Analyzers, Power Quality & Harmonic Survey etc..


THERMAL LABORATORYRTD Sensors, Thermocouple, Dry Block calibrator, Oil Bath, Water Bath, IR THERMOMETER, Glass thermometers, Temperature controllers, Temperature transmitters, Temperature Switch, Thermographic Survey, Thermal Imagers, freezers, chillers, Humidity Meters etc.


MECHANICAL LABORATORY Digital & Analogue Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, measuring tape, Measuring scale, spirit level, Standard gauge block, Weights, Weighing Balance, Torque wrench, Pressure gauges, Vacuum Gauges, composite gauge, pressure transmitters, Pressure switch, Anemometers, sound level meters, etc.

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